Weldon Barov

Garrison Follower Weldon Barov

Weldon Barov alliance garrison follower


Faction: Alliance

Name:Weldon Barov

Level: 99

Weldon Barov at level 99

Type: Assassination Rogue

Abilities: Sprint

  • Used by a rogue to escape harm's way. Or, to move quickly between the mailbox and auction house.
  • Counters: Danger Zone

Traits: Herbalism

  • Grants herbalism benefits and boosts work orders when assigned to the Herb Garden.

Quest: The Rise and Fall of Barov (He is under a fallen tree and you click on tree to free him)

Location of Weldon Barov

Zone: Gorgrond,Hightpass: 51.2,62.0 (This is where I found Weldon Barov there are locations all over Draenor. So you have a decision to make wait for him to spawn here or check all the other locations. Some one got him at this location just as I got there he respawned 10 min later. You must have a level 1 Lumber Mill in your garrison. ) Happy Hunting

Where is Weldon Barov

This is a Tomtom macro made by YLts ( I have not used it or confirmed it but here it is ) location reported by other players.

/way Gorgrond 51 45
/way Talador 73.9 28.2
/way Spires of Arak 43 75
/way Shadowmoon Valley 36.9 53.2
/way Talador 70 54
/way Talador 54.3 56.2
/way Talador 73.7 64
/way Nagrand 84.35 54.14
/way Nagrand 36 48
/way Gorgrond 51 61
/way Shadowmoon Valley 46.3 75.2

 Note: Some players report spending many hours looking for him so you may just want to hang in there and see if he spawns.

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