Qiana Moonshadow

Garrison Follower Qiana Moonshadow

Moonshadow Qiana Alliance Garrison Follower

Faction: Alliance

Name: Qiana Moonshadow

Level: 98

Qiana at level 98

Type: Guardian Druid

Abilities: Growl

  • Forces the target to attach the druid.
  • Counters: Wild Aggression

Traits: Ogreslayer

  • Increases success chance when fighting ogres.

Quest: Qiana Moonshadow: Speak with Qiana Moonshadow out side your garrison.

Qiana Moonshadow location

Follower Qiana location outside your garrison.

Follow the path out your garrisons you will find her on the right side by a cart.

Quest NPC: Lieutenant Thorn: in your garrison town hall.

Lieutenant Thorn location in Town Hall.


Note: You will need to do a few quests in a chain before Qiana Moonshadow is available. Qiana Moonshadow is your first follower you receive at your garrison.

Questline to get Qiana Moonshadow


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