Limits of Garrison Followers

Garrison active followers are limited at this time.

Garrison Followers Limits

The maximum number of followers you can obtain at this time is unlimited. However the maximum number of followers you can have active at one time is 20. So if you see the 21/20 then you have one follower that cannot be active. You need to take a look at your active follower and choose based on your needs or their skill as to whom you want to keep active. To change an inactive follower to active it costs gold and there is a 24 hour cool down. So choose wisely when selecting the ones you set inactive or active.

  • You can increase the number of followers to 25 by completing special patrol missions. (see Below)
  • You can collect all garrison followers you want.
  • Your over limit garrison followers will just be inactive until you change one from nonactive to active.

Why can I not send my followers on new missions?

If you are over your limit of active followers you will need to deactivate follower as needed to get within your limits. You will be unable to send any follower on missions until you have deactivated enough to get with in your limits. If you have followers on missions when you have exceeded your limits the missions will complete.

If over limit you will get the following;

You have too many active followers. You must deactivate some followers before you can start new missions.

You have too many garrison followers.



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