Invite others to your garrison

How to invite others to your garrison wow.

To invite others to visit your garrison is very simple to do. All you need to do if you want someone to see you garrison is group up with them. You must be the leader of the group for them to phase into your garrison.

Once you have grouped up and you are the leader all they do is;

  • Right click on their portrait of them.
  • Then Select View Leader’s Garrison.


That’s it 🙂

When they arrive at your garrison they will be outside the main gates. The leader does not need to be there for other's to inspect the garrison. If you inspect the complete garrison you will get is the Achievement Garrison Buddies.

What can you do in other player's garrisons?

  • If they have a trading post you can use the Banker.
  • You can use their NPC vendors.
  • You can go inside all their buildings
  • You can use their mailbox
  • You can use their Blueprints Vendor
  • You can use the Fishing trainer.
  • You can fish.
  • You can set your preferred planting for your garden at the garden NPC.
  •  You can use their Gryphon Master (only to where you have been)


Do not use your Garrison Hearthstone. It will just send you back to their garrison again and not to yours. If you are still in a group and used their Gryphon Master to go somewhere without leaving the same way you got to there garrison or drop from the group, your Garrison Hearthstone will send you back to their garrison.  

To leave the leaders garrison click on your portrait again and select View Your Garrison. When you leave their garrison you will be transported to the trail that leads to your garrison.



If the leader drops from the group you will be expelled from their garrison in 60 seconds.

Invite others to your garrison

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