Defender Illona

Garrison Follower Defender Illona

Garrison Follower Illona

Faction: Alliance

Name: Defender Illona

Level: 95


Type: Restoration Shaman

Abilities: Reckoning

  • Forces the target to attack the paladin.
  • Counters: Wild Aggression

Traits: Bodyguard

  • Can accompany you as a guardian in Draenor when assigned to a level 2 or 3 Barracks.


Increases success chance when fighting aberrations and undead.


Quest: The True Path : The quest starts with Defender Illona in Talador, Auchenai Precipice, 57.4, 51.2 ( You will fight Soulbinder Halaari and then Vindicator Dalu )

Location Defendor Illona

Zone: Taladord



Note: There are several Bodyguards that you can use in your garrison to take with you in Draenor. You must assign the follower to your garrison Barracks before it can accompany you. Select a follower that has the Abilities that will help you complete your objective.



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