Cleric Maluuf

Garrison Follower Cleric Maluuf

Follower Cleric Maluuf

Faction: Horde,Alliance

Name: Cleric Maluuf

Type: Holy Priest

Level: 100

Cleric Maluuf  level 100

Abilities: Prayer of Healing

  • Cast by a shaman to heal a group of allies.
  • Counters: Group Damage

Traits: Jewelcrafting

  • Offers a variety of jewelcrafting benefits when assigned to the Gem Boutique


  • Increases success chance when fighting in a swamp.

Profession: Jewelcrafting

Zone: Ashran

Purchased: 5000 Gold (You must be Revered with Council of Exarchs (alliance) or Frostwolf Orcs (horde))

Alliance Vendor:  Vindicator Nuurem, Ashran, Town Hall: 46.6, 76.4

Ashran Alliance

Horde Vendor: Beska Redtusk, Ashran, Town Hall: 53.6, 62.2

Ashran Horde

Garrison Building: Gem Boutique


Note: Cleric Maluuf good follower to assign to your garrison Gem Boutique to boost work order production.


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