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Level 3 Garrison Barracks

How do I get my Garrison Barracks to level 3 ?

To get your garrison barracks to level 3 you must send your garrison followers on special patrol missions. This is done by using your Command Table in your Garrison Town Hall. You want to look for missions that have a spyglass to the left of the mission name. The missions will be of different levels from 90 to 100 and they must be completed without failure. The patrol missions will take from 30 Min to 10 hours and 1 to 3 garrison followers. After you have completed all the patrol missions you will be rewarded the Achievement Patroling Draenor. The Patrolling Draenor Achievement will unlock the Garrison Blueprint: Barracks, Level 3. After leveling up your garrison barracks building to level 3 you will gain 5 more usable followers, grant access to racial guards and banners.


Garrison Command Table Missions

Look for the Spyglass on the left side of mission name. Make sure to select the correct followers for each patrol mission so that you can complete the missions without failure.

Patrol Missions needed to be completed;

  • Aerial Rodents of Unusual Size
  • An Eye for Terror
  • Artillery Suppression
  • Bladefist Hold
  • Dessicus Maximus
  • Gorging Ogres
  • Hapless Heroes
  • Harboring Ill Will
  • Lug'dol's Thugs
  • Orcs in the Mountains!
  • Podlings of Unusual Size
  • Primal Savages
  • Raiders of the Lost Shard
  • Rescue on the Bloody Cliffs
  • Rise to Power
  • Ruinous Portents
  • The Kaliri Nuisance
  • The Night Watch
  • The Upper Hand
  • Tracking Griftah
  • Warpstalker Predators

Achivement Patrolling Draenor

You must have the Achievement Patroling Draenor to be able to purchase the level 3 plans. (not sure if that is a Blizzard typo or if that is what they are calling it)

Level 3 Barracks Plans

Once you have earned the Achievement Patrolling Draenor then purchase the barracks blueprints for 1,000 gold from (Blueprints Vendor) in your garrison.


Upgrade Garrison Barracks

Use your Architect's Table in your Town Hall to upgrade your Garrison Barracks to level 3.


Lvl 3 Barracks Garrison

This is a Level 3 garrison barracks for the Alliance garrison.

25 Garrison Followers

You now will also have the ability to have 25 Garrison followers total with your level 3 Barracks.

Get 5 more garrison followers

With the upgrade completed you will need to go activate 5 more garrison followers. Make sure to select the followers that will help you the most in your garrison and on missions. Keep in mine you will only be able to Activate one follower every 24 hours.

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