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Warcraft Garrison will be focusing on information about the game of World of Warcraft. I have been a fan of WOW since it first came out in 2004. We will be covering many details about garrisons and much more. This fansite will be forever expanding and updating. We are playing the new races and leveling them up. It takes some time to get what is needed to start early play, but well worth the effort for an early start to Battle for Azeroth. There are many exciting allied races to start leveling Void Elf, Lightforged Draenei, Nightborne and Hightmountain Tauren. 

See you in-game!


WoW Auction House Mount

WoW Auction House Mount BFA


Mighty Caravan Brutosaur

We here at WarcraftGarrison have been using Zygor guides since 2009.
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